HP16500C Linux Fat Driver Readme

This driver is really very easy, and shouldn't mess up existing systems, but of course there's no warranty.

It looks for 'HP16500' in the FAT table, then modifies parameters in that table to match a 512 sector size, which most sane FATs should already have.

So even if this new code is triggered, it should be a NOP. (Update: If you got the first version of this, its broken. Look for the 'rr' script, which removes and re-inserts the modules. If this does not exist, re-download the .bz2).

Get the tarball here:
Untar the tarball then go to that directory and type 'make'. You will need the Linux headers installed for your running kernel. If you use a debian package system, then use this commandto install them:

sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)

Once that is done, go to the directory where the driver is installed and type make.

Then, make sure all FAT file systems are unmounted (you will get an error until they are unmounted) then type:

sudo rmmod vfat fat
sudo insmod fat.ko
sudo insmod vfat.ko

Your new modules should be running.

Now you can mount that HP drive. I'm looking into doing the byteswap in the kernel as well, but that's really wacked.

Let me know if it's not working. gpib at rickyrockrat  net.