Welcome to OpenGPIB

This is a working project, i.e. the author updates the project when some new work take him down a dark, mysterious path requiring some new code to implement a new feature.

This is using several prologix controllers (USB), and interfaces with the following instruments:
Using the Spectrum Analyzer and the Signal generator, a network analyzer of sorts can be built. This functionality is provided by the network analyzer code.  Gain can be measured over frequency. There is a cal mode that measures the loss and frequency of the cable (or signal generator). The compensation using that cal is not complete yet.

The 16555 code will extract the data and configuration from the analyzer. There is a parser that parses both of these data structures.  I never found full docs for the config data, so I reverse engineered it to find out which label goes with which bit(s). 

I also recently added code that will interface with the 16534/16532 2/1GS/s scope cards. I have two each of these and wrote the code to syncronize the data between the '34 and the '32 and generates plots via GNU plot.

This parser also generates a file compatible with la2vcd2.  The 0.5 version of la2vcd2 contains a couple fatal bugs, has a library, and I've added a project here on sourceforge to support it:  la2vcd2.  Here is an example of how to split traces using la2vcd2.

It is a little clunky, but it does work. The 16555A code now dumps directly to a vcd file.

Waveform viewers that work well with the vcd format are GTKWave and Dinotrace, but the latter has not been tested.

The 16531 and 2440 code pulls waveforms off of the each instrument and will generate gnuplot files so the data can be viewed vi gnuplot, or generates png images. Here is one screenshot:

8 Channels with 2 16534 and 2 16532 (note the 16532 traces at the bottom, 1/2 as much data as those above.)

There are also notes and fonts to get the remote X-window control to work on Linux here:
The sourceforge page for this project is http://sourceforge.net/projects/opengpib/

Contact: gpib at rickyrockrat.net

Project web docs for sourceforge are here.